One on One coaching provided by the American Contractor Network is the fastest way to get the blueprint that your construction or home services business needs right now.

It’s frustrating when you put in the effort to try and improve…but nothing happens.

You find yourself in the exact same place you were the year before, regardless of the seminars you’ve attended, books you’ve read, or YouTube videos you’ve watched. Sure, there have been small improvements here and there…but nothing that really moves the needle. You still find yourself working too much and making less than you really want.

The American Contractor Network was created for this reason. We’ve helped hundreds of contractors and home service businesses put the framework in place and leverage the tools we give them to double their results in half the time and with half the effort. Our unique approach is tailored specifically to you and your company’s needs.

Why did you start your contracting business?

You started your business because you wanted the time and money freedom being an owner would bring. Yet, those are the two things you struggle with the most. With the American Contractor Network, you’ll get:

  • Personalized attention and a customized contractor blueprint, giving you the clarity you need to take action.
  • Access to The P4 Method that contractors have used to scale their business to 7 and 8 figures.
  • Accountability that comes from coaches who have a background not only in the contracting industry but also police and military experience.

Ready to see what we can help you accomplish?
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Gerritt’s no BS approach was vital in helping me take back control of my life and my business. I was able to have crucial conversations and put a framework in place that has scaled my business past $5 million annually.
Jay Leonard

Owner, Secure Source

The concepts Gerritt is teaching have allowed me to build multiple 7 figure companies as well as structure a successful exit from one of them this year
Chris Breen

Owner, Deck Masters

I’ve only been working with Gerritt for a couple of months now. But in the last 30 days, we closed more business than we did all of last year. He knows how to put you in a position to win.
Brandon Montes

Owner, Resource Landscaping